We are pleased to inform you about our latest rave review – this time for the AE120² from AV Forums.  Acoustic Energy AE120² Floorstanding Speaker Review | AVForums

The conclusion says it all:

Acoustic Energy AE120² Floorstanding Speaker Review

Affordable floorstanders are rarer than they once were and the nature of prices at the moment means that some designs currently under £1,000 might not be for much longer. The completeness of the AE120² is a demonstration of why this is something of a shame. This is a speaker that delivers all the virtues we might expect of an affordable standmount; it’s a big, effortless and thoroughly engaging sound that fills spaces that standmounts will have their work cut out with.

The thing is, it does this while heading into areas where standmounts used to have the edge. It has great integration and control and the effect is almost as cohesive as the much more simple two way designs. Its sensitivity and ease of partnering are also extremely impressive. This is a formidable all-rounder that deserves to be on the shortlist of anyone shopping for a pair of speakers at this price point and the AE120² comes Highly Recommended.