POWERGRIP. Clean Power and Smart Protection for AV Systems

Powergrip was founded in 2015 in Moscow by one of the most respected AV Distributors in Russia and is still owned by the same company. As the power supply in their home market is often unstable and carries many impurities, power conditioners are often necessary to enhance the performance and protect an AV System. Having distributed many brands of HiFi and AV electronics over the years,  – and not being particularly impressed with the results or with the value of the power conditioning products they tested, they decided to use all their years of experience, high level of electronics engineering knowledge and years of experience to build their own – and so POWERGRIP was born!

At this time, Powergrip features just two models – the YG-1 and YG-2 but will be adding other models to the line over time.

Both models share a similar feature set to offer high capacity performance of up to 3680 Watt @230v, 16 Amps. This high power capacity is sufficient to clean and protect the power supply for most high quality stereo or home theatre systems. On both models, 2 sockets are specially designed to connect power amplifiers. In case of a very large fluctuation or ‘spike’ in the mains voltage occurs, the internal filter instantly switches the system off – thus preventing damage. Smaller fluctuations or ‘surges’ are suppressed without switching off the system so you continue to enjoy your music or movies undisturbed. Both units offer the ability to connect and disconnect different groups of sockets to supply power smoothly without abrupt load rises and without annoying clicks coming through the speakers.

Finally, the internal filters detect and clean even very small impurities which are transmitted to the system via the mains supply circuits and can affect the user’s enjoyment of their AV system. This filter will also help prolong the life of the components in the connected AV equipment.

Both models feature an elegant stylish look, integrate well into AV systems or Racks and can be integrated into a smart home system and switched on/off via a 12V trigger or controlled via a standard RS232 interface.

AV EMEA is proud to add these great value and high performance products to our portfolio.