TORUS POWER. Toroidal isolation power transformers

Proudly made in Canada by one of the world’s most famous high performance transformer companies with over 30 years of experience, Torus Power isolation transformers and power conditioners enhance the performance and enjoyment of audio and video equipment by eliminating noise and interference from untreated AC mains power. As well as being used in some of the words most critical recording studios, Torus Power also features in some of the very best home audio, video and home theater systems in the world. Torus Power products also completely protect the customers equipment from lightning, surges and voltage spikes.

All Torus Power products feature proprietary technology utilizing massive Toroidal transformers that deliver instant power – unlike many competitors products in this category that use simple passive filters to achieve a lower result. No matter which Torus Power product the customer chooses, the customer will enjoy the performance improvements that have won accolades from leading publications such as Stereophile, Home and Theatre Sound, CE Pro, and many more.

Torus’s top of the line AVR series contain all the features that have made Torus Power famous as ‘the best of the best’ – Automatic Voltage Regulation, Ethernet monitoring and RS232 control, a huge Toroidal Isolation Transformer, Clean Power technology, Series Mode Surge Suppression, Noise Filtration, and the High Instantaneous Current Capability that all Torus products are famous for. Below the AVR series are the RM series and the economical yet still fully featured TOT product line.

If you are serious about AV performance – and when only the best will do – Torus Power is the brand for you.

When TORUS POWER decided in 2011 to extend their business beyond North America, they hired AV EMEA. AV EMEA helped them to implement a European bonded warehouse and service center, and of course to take care of finding and training new distributors and resellers throughout EMEA, Asia and Australasia. As there was no international distribution for Torus Power prior to 2011 other than a little irregular business from time to time, AV EMEA has literally hired and trained every Torus Power customer outside the Americas. The country and customer list for Torus Power continues to grow, but at this point in time AV EMEA have hired Torus Power partners in more than 40 countries.