As the AV EMEA business is focussed on developing new customers, markets and sales for our brand partners, this is where you will find case studies of the work we do in order to find, hire and build business for our brand partners.

Como Audio, France.

Tasked by Tom De Vesto, the President of Como Audio to increase the company’s sales  in France, we met with Tom at our base in the Netherlands to understand the existing business in France, and how that could be improved. For the last couple of years Como Audio had been using local sales reps in France, but we took the decision together that the correct course of action would be to hire a well- established French AV Distributor to develop the business over time.

After further research and making an extensive list of all the distributors in France that would be suitable (and who did not carry a competitive line), we set about contacting all the companies. We then visited France for preliminary discussions with several companies who were interested, and who interested us – as well as visiting the Paris AV show to get a sense of the market and who all the key players were.

We then got the decision down to two well respected distributors. Tom flew in to join us for these meetings to get a sense of the companies and people, and after several weeks of further research, the decision was taken to appoint a distributor. We then worked on the final contract and terms and conditions. Finally, we assisted Como Audio in terminating their existing rep agreements in accordance with their contracts (and the desire to end this in a courteous and professional manner). This whole process was completed in three months.

The distributor we hired for Como Audio is Audio Marketing Services.