This is the 16th rave HINT Review – in ONE YEAR!


“Nearest to perfect piece of audio gear, the Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier will make you forget you need separates!”

“Halo gear is reliable, well made and superbly engineered and can’t be beat for value. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like the Halo Integrated – the sound, the features, and the pedigree. With an excellent DAC and an amplifier that has enough punch to handle any dynamics one would want. I’m scratching my head wondering what’s lacking.”

Conclusions: “Don’t Waste Your Time Trying to Compare What THE PARASOUND HALO Can Offer With Another Audio Product With the Features and Ability of this Integrated at the Price Parasound Sells it for.”

“It really is THAT good and an early favorite to receive ‘Best of’ honors in the category.”