There is so much to tell you about these great products that we simply cant list it all here, but here are some of the features that you may not be aware of:

  • A 7 band parametric EQ is available to all zones on the AX 1250 (and a 4 band parametric EQ on the Mini4.)
  • Each Zone also has independent Bass, Treble. Balance and Loudness controls.
  • Eliminate lip sync issues between audio and Video playback using our Audio Delays, with up to 600ms of audio delay adjustable per zone and per source on both AX 1250 and AX Mini4 amplifiers.
  • Any source can be accessed and played by another amplifier across the network in HD audio (24bit 48Khz) so amplifiers do not have to be in the same location.
  • In addition all source playback has time stamping so playback timing is identical in all zones eliminating any nasty echo and room to room audio playback issues..
  • Apple Airplay (TM) is built in from firmware v3.0.2 upwards
  • The Power ON volume level is adjustable by Zone on both amplifiers.
  • Door Bell feature on the AX 1250. Up to 10 seconds of 44.1 KHz 16 Bit stereo sounds may be generated as part of a page preset.
  • 12 source inputs are available on the AX 1250 and 4 source inputs on the Mini4.
  • Maximum Volume Limiting is available by Zone on both amplifiers.

Interested to know more?  We have an AXIUM specialist here on staff who can help answer any questions or help you to specify systems.