AV EMEA are proud to announce that the respected German Turntable brand REKKORD AUDIO have joined our portfolio of fine AV Brands as from February 1st 2024. The AV EMEA team will be representing them in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia to assist them in their International business expansion.

Rekkord Audio turntables are hand made in their own factory in Germany and are a part of the largest turntable group in the world based in nearby Austria. The know-how behind the technology and construction of Rekkord turntables continues to drive the company’s passion for quality and innovation to this day.

One of their specialties is their automatic turntables, the technology of which has matured over decades. Every part, every screw and every spring is carefully assembled to give Rekkord the very best build and sound quality available. Featuring low mass tonearms and quiet sub chassis designs ensure that users get great sound and trouble-free consistent performance.