We are proud to announce the addition of Just Add Power to the AV EMEA brand portfolio.

Just Add Power was founded in 1992 and is world-renowned for their award winning HDMI over IP platform. Their scaleable, ethernet based video distribution and switching systems are flexibly designed to be able to fit almost any size of project – from a modern connected home right up to commercial video wall or multiple screens in a stadium. Just Add Power enables the distribution of 4K, UltraHD, Full HD 1080p and standard resolution video content from any number of source devices to a virtually unlimited number of screens over a local area network.

A built‐in 4K scaler on the latest receivers allow for the distribution of HDMI 2.0 sources to non HDMI 2.0 screens (and vice versa). Just Add Power’s third generation Ultra HD over IP products support all the latest high quality formats of HDCP 2.2, PoE, HDR, USB 2.0 over IP, and also downmixes Dolby Digital audio from 5.1 channels. Unlike competing 4K over IP technologies, there’s no need to upgrade to fiber optic cabling and more costly 10 Gigabit managed switches to facilitate the distribution of HDMI 2.0 sources.

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