Check out our Long Range Bluetooth Music transmitter – the SOUNDCAST VGtx.
Although the Soundcast VGtx is of course designed to extend the range that a Soundcast music system can be used away from a music source, the VGtx works just as well with ANY brand of audio product that features Bluetooth.

The VGtx allows you to upgrade or extend your home entertainment without sacrificing style, and its sleek design fits seamlessly into your existing home technology, blending into the background or tucking neatly away behind a speaker, for example.
The long-range transmitter featuring the latest Bluetooth aptX low-latency standard, enables speakers to extend beyond the standard maximum theoretical 30 meter Bluetooth range and increases this to a theoretical 50 meter range. The VGtx is connected to an analogue audio source via a 3.5mm input, but can also be connected digitally, using the TOSLINK (Optical digital audio) throughput. This enables the highest fidelity transmission of music, gaming or TV shows with absolutely zero ‘lag’.

Soundcast’s new and growing VGX product range occupies a premium part of the portable audio market that appeals to discerning customers who care about their music quality  – and who want to enjoy it indoors AND outdoors. Check out the whole range!

The Soundcast VGtx is in stock.