Distribute UHD video, audio, power and control over Cat-5e

We are pleased to share the news that Just Add Power has now released its new 709P2P 3G Point-to-Point Transmitter. This Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) transmitter allows integrators to use a single power input to distribute video, audio, power, and control to all ‘downstream’ devices over one Cat-5e cable.

Integrators can pair the 709P2P with any model of Just Add Power receiver to create a point-to-point connection, or can combine it with the company’s PoE daisy-chain receiver for installations of up to four screens. It distributes Ultra HD and 4K video with HDCP 2.2, and also supports all lossless audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, and control endpoints with RS-232 and IR (using Just Add Power’s VBS-HDMI-IRD RS-232 to IR converter).

The 40 watt 709P2P PoE injector can power up to four receivers, eliminating additional cabling and power infrastructure needs. Video image capabilities include push, pull, and pop for onscreen customisation.

As with all models in the J+P lineup, the 2GΩ/3G+ PoE solutions integrate with both 2G and 3G.