Hot on the heels of other exciting new HALO model launches in the past few months, we are pleased to inform you about the new series power amplifiers – the A23+ and the A21+.

The original models of these two award winning power amps have been in the lineup unchanged for over ten years – which just shows you how popular and highly regarded they are!
With the introduction of these new products, Parasound has not only upgraded the cosmetics to match the ‘new look’ but have also ‘supercharged’ the power output.
The Power has been increased by 25-30% (both models feature new, more expensive transformers, filter capacitance in both cases has also increased 20-30%, and they both feature other improvements too).

Here is the new performance versus the existing models:

  • A 23+ 8Ω power from 125W now 160W
  • A 23+ 4Ω power from 225W now 250W
  • A 21+ 8Ω power from 250W now 300W
  • A 21+ 4Ω power from 400W now 500W

Both models are available in both Black and Silver finishes.