Take a closer look at the class-leading DSP750 – Meridian’s highest performing architectural active loudspeaker. Engineered using Meridian’s core principles of acoustic design, the DSP750 delivers high resolution audio that is perfect for architectural installations and dedicated home theatres. Featuring all new drive-units, including a beryllium tweeter, the DSP750 produces a natural and lifelike sound with high fidelity and perfect tonal balance. Its high dynamic range, incredibly low distortion and outstanding signal-to-noise ratio combine to provide full-range audio with exceptional headroom and low listener-fatigue. With a host of exclusive Meridian technologies on-board, the DSP750 resets the standard of architectural loudspeaker performance. Read more about it here.

You can also listen to the Senior DSP Loudspeaker Engineer, Joe Luzarraga, talk about the design, features and unique performance of the new DSP750. Watch the VIDEO here.