Check out the new PB4 (shown above) and its smaller brother the PB2 which both feature Torus Power’s legendary Toroidal transformer-based isolation and power conditioning in a new compact footprint.

The 4.4 Amp, 2 x 500 VA PB4 is fitted with TWO x 2.2 Amp Toroidal transformers – enabling the isolation of different components in a system, (for example, to separate analogue and digital products). The PB4 features 6 outlets, four connected to one Toroid and two connected to the other.

The 2.2 Amp, 500 VA PB2 is fitted with Four Shucko outlets and like the PB4, features Torus Power’s Toroidal transformer to provide instantaneous clean current, NBT Noise Filtering technology and a tried-and-tested Surge suppression system to protect against spikes, surges, lightning etc.

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