We are pleased to let you know that we are adding both CHROMA and PLATINUM to our new Ethernet Cable lineup this month.

These two new Category 8 ready cables join STARLIGHT in the lineup and also feature our patent pending flat design that supports faster transmission speeds to provide lifelike reproduction of streamed music and video.

The flat grooved structure and parallel conductors featured in our Ethernet cables are a radical departure from the round structure and twisted conductors of conventional high speed Ethernet cables. This flat design was developed to improve performance and solve common installation challenges. The performance advantage can be used to overcome length limitations in addition to providing superior reproduction of streamed music and video, and makes transmission of 40 Gigabit Ethernet possible. Even though media networks now run far below that speed, cables that support higher speeds have been found to improve the quality of audio and video streaming.

With more and more people streaming their music and video over a network, this category of the cable business is growing fast.

These new cables will be on display at our ISE show booth next week in Amsterdam, where you can meet with Sara and the AV EMEA team on our stand at the back of Hall 5, at 5-R125.
Wireworld’s Cat8 Ethernet Line launches at ISE