We are very pleased to read the review of Wireworld’s Silver Sphere 48 and Stellar 48 in the respected WIDESCREEN REVIEW magazine.

Its worth reading the Conclusion it its entirety as it says it all!

Conclusion It was quite a surprise to see an HDMI cable that had an effect on video images after so many years of not seeing differences in images due to HDMI cable swaps. The difference was very small, but visible, improvement in the precision of the images. The edges between light and dark, and edges between two colors of similar or different luminances are where it is easiest to see the slightly “cleaner” edges. There is no change to color or to apparent reso[1]lution, but those slightly crisper edges make images look nice and sharp without anything artificial or over-emphasized. The fact that the Silver Sphere 48 and Stellar 48 fiber optic cables worked with every device I tried them with from sound bars to very old Blu-ray Disc players and even an old 720p flat screen TV was much appreciated after my experiences with other 48 GHz HDMI cables that have been whimsical about which devices they will or won’t work with. Highly recommended for systems where top performance is the DIY or custom install goal.

Read the whole review here: https://www.avemea.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Widescreen23_SSP48.pdf