We are proud to introduce you to the new Micro Reference Series 8 – three new cables for 110-ohm balanced digital and analog audio tonearm applications.

These highly flexible 26-gauge cables utilize Wireworld’s patented DNA Helix conductor geometry with 100% shielding and proprietary Composilex 3 insulation to improve the fidelity of audiophile and professional audio systems. These advanced design features were developed through listening tests that compared prototype cables to virtually loss-free direct connections between components.

Series 8 Micro Reference cables provide state-of-the-art balanced digital fidelity in their price ranges, with substantial improvements over the Series 7 models they replace. They are also excellent analog interconnects; however, they do not replace or supersede any existing Wireworld analog interconnects, which are fully optimized for line level connections. The analog application where the Micro Reference cables truly excel is for tonearm cables, where their superior flexibility and small size makes them ideal for sensitive suspended turntables and tonearm DIN plugs. Furthermore, the tonearm cables may be wired for either 100 or 200 picofarads per meter of capacitance, which can be helpful in getting the best sound from certain phono cartridges.

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